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Pete Sanfaçon:
Freaks, Geeks & Chicken Beaks

Hey! Get a haircut.As you might imagine from the title Freaks, Geeks & Chicken Beaks, Pete Sanfaçon's cartoon collection introduces a variety of creatures, human and otherwise. A Technical Artist in Communications Services, Pete has just published a book containing over 100 of his best cartoons with University Editions, Inc.

"I've been drawing cartoons since I was a little kid--monsters, spacemen and anything else I could imagine. After college, I started submitting my cartoons to national magazines, but after a couple of years I decided to try to get all my cartoons published at once."

Two years after Pete made that decision, his book was published. "The style of humor in this book would probably appeal most to high school- or college-age people. But I'm sure anybody whose sense of humor is slightly askew will get a kick out of it!"

University Editions has contracted with two distributors to market the book nationally. And Pete is already drawing new cartoons for his next book.

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