Even before the release of FREAKS, GEEKS & CHICKEN BEAKS, I had begun cranking out what was to be a massive amount of cartoons. I created nearly 500 cartoons during 1990 alone. These were the drawings that eventually became HOWLING AT A BAGEL.

The initial sample packages (15 sets of 20 samples each) were sent out in 1994. I received nine rejections from those who responded over the next few weeks.

Another batch of samples went out at the end of 1997. Samples were submitted to nine different publishers but I got rejections from the ones who responded. I was offered another "vanity" deal from one publisher after sending in my full manuscript. I turned it down.

Been there. No thanks.

The quality of these drawings is much improved over those featured in F,G&CB, so it was my feeling—and my desire—that these would see the light of day, someday, in published form. Alas, my fate was in the hands of the publishers to whom I'd submitted. KN

The only place you're gonna see samples of these bad boys is right here at Sanfaçon.com.

Letters I received from cartoonists Sam Gross and the late B. Kliban.

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