Early Period

In early 1991 I saw two movies that changed my life: Son of the Morning Star (TV) and Dances with Wolves. The TV movie was about Crazy Horse, who I'd read a book about as a child, and seeing the movie prompted me to go to the library the next day and borrow Mari Sandoz's "Crazy Horse – Strange Man of the Oglalas." I own a copy today and it is my favorite book. After seeing Dances with Wolves I began reading and collecting books on Native American history, culture, and lifeways. I now have more than 300 books in my collection.

This portrait of Red Cloud, completed in 1991, is from a photo featured in Dee Brown's "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee." The photo lacked detail in the shadow areas and I tried to work within those restrictions.

Red Cloud
Red Cloud


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