Sanfaç was officially launched on Tuesday, February 3, 1998 and is hosted by FatCow.

During the first two years following the launch there was considerable content about the Boston Red Sox, KISS, links to other sites, and a wide variety of other content that was of little interest to the general public. In 2004 I began to delete much of that content and Sanfaç became an online portfolio for my artwork. Improvements and enhancements continue.

All content is created on Apple Macintosh computers and is edited and maintained exclusively by Pete Sanfaçon. Please contact me regarding any content or site related technical issues or comments. Some content intended for mature audiences has been identified as such with the display of a Parental Advisory badge. Sanfaç assumes no responsibility for physical injuries, mental breakdowns, or expenses incurred for required shock therapy due to viewing this material or any other content on this site.

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