Evolution of the Signature: 1974-Present

[1974-1977] This is the first signature I used in high school art class.
It's actually more of an icon. "SAF" or "Saf" is the nickname
I had in those days. It's short for Sanfaçon (pronounced "Saffasawn").
[1977-1979] Slightly modified for the Art Institute.
Note the missing loop in the "S." Both versions of the "SAF" signature
were placed very close to the edge of the artwork.
(Sample rotated clockwise 90 degrees.)
[1979] Used very briefly before abandoning the icon altogether
in favor of a full signature.
[1979-1981] This full signature included the year the artwork
was completed.

In this particular example I had originally completed
the drawing in 1979 and reworked it in 1980.
I reworked a substantial portion of my portfolio during 1980-81.

[1981-1984] Last name only, all caps, followed by a bullet and the year completed/reworked.

[1984-Present] This is the signature I use today on all artwork.
It was first used on my design for our 1984 Christmas card.