Jack & Lenny

During Phase I, Jack was a bossy, cranky, little know-it-all who never gave his buddy, Lenny, a moment's peace. He didn't have much patience for Jack, who was supposed to be his best friend, and always seemed to be pissed off at something. I think I may have been working out some of my own anger and frustrations through Jack.

By Phase II, I had nailed down the drawing of both characters and had tweaked Jack's eyebrows so that he didn't look so angry all the time. He became slightly more vulnerable and likeable in the process.

When Lenny started out, he was a bit of a scatterbrain, which played right into Jack's mean-spirited schemes. Despite that he still managed to do the grocery shopping once and stand in line for concert tickets all by himself.

By Phase II, Lenny had begun to give it back to Jack and was tolerating less of his belittling and his surliness. Lenny also got a job at the DMV, the storyline for which ran for several dailies.

By Phase III, Lenny wasn't such a scatterbrain, but he was still capable of silliness, which was one of the charms of his original persona.

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